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Zo Zo Zombie is Coming For Your Kids…On YouTube and Crunch Roll

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This April, there's a new kid showing up on YouTube and Crunch Roll. It's not your ordinary kid though, it's Zo Zo Zombie and he's launching new episodes all year long! So, if you're looking for something new to keep these boys and girls entertained at home, Zo Zo Zombie wants to make new friends. So who is this guy…kid…or whatever he is? He's a friendly, funny and gross (in a good way) ZOMBIE that just wants to do nice things for people. He's not the typical zombie that just wants to eat your brains, so don't worry, your kids are safe with Zo Zo.

This new show is full of gags, slapstick humor, and good-natured-gross-outs, with Zo Zo's zombified body parts and organs typically separating, going all over the place and doing all types of weird things. Along with his best friend Isamu, a normal, NON-zombie boy, Zo Zo gets into some chaotic, but hilarious situations in every episode. Somehow, being a zombie seems to work to his advantage. And for someone who just mumbles, because zombies don't speak, he sure does get the job done!

My kids and I have watched a few episodes and it really made us laugh out loud! It was non-stop action with super creative animation and scenes. Each episode brings something you never expect, but the way Zo Zo's body parts and organs involved in every situation is what keeps us so entertained and wanting more.

To give a little more idea of what the show is all about, we got a cool Zo Zo Zombie themed box full of treats; blood, booger and barf themed lollipops, eyeball gum-balls, body part gummies… you know, delicious treats that zombie kids love.

Your kids will definitely be entertained by Zo Zo, his friend Isamu and all the wacky trouble they get themselves into. So go to the ZoZo Zombie Youtube channel and subscribe to watch new episodes weekly starting this month!

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