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When You Can’t Figure Out What To Get Dad For Father’s Day

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Father's Day is almost here and it's time to plan what to get him for this special day! We all want to get that perfect gift to show dad how much we appreciate all the hard work they've put in and the time they've spent with us.

Just like everyone else, dad's like more than one thing; tech gadgets, fashion, fitness and outdoor activities and watching sports. Babble Boxx has considered this and has teamed up with some amazing brands, that have awesome products you can be proud to give to your dad on Father's Day.

So, whether you've just been procrastinating or you just can't seem to figure out what to get, I've got a box of dad (me) approved goodies that will definitely help you out. Being a dad myself, I really enjoyed receiving my Babble Boxx items. So without further ado, here are #Gifts4DadBabbleBoxx ideas that you should get dad.

Trekz Air Tech Bundle from Aftershokz

The Bone conduction wireless headphones are just what many dads need. It a way to hear your music without tuning out our surroundings. Along with this sleek designed and comfortable headphones, the Trekz Air Tech Bundle from Aftershokz also comes with a portable case, a power bank for extra life on your headphones, a tumbler to use for hot and cold beverages and a cool Pop Socket for your phone that will keep it secure in your hands. Check out to see their Father's Day sales.

Ties from has a great selection of ties, like the Mineral Blue Bexley Skinny Tie that was in my box. It has a simple and sophisticated floral design that would go great with or without a suit. It has a vintage feel, perfect or weddings and other formal gathering. From now until 12/31/19, you can use the code TIESXBABBLE to get a 15% off your purchase next.

Eyewear from Zenni

Here's another very cool gift idea! The Square Clip-On Set (503215) from Zenni has a magnetic snap-on style that's not only fashionable, but also very convenient to wear. It has a sleek metal brow bar that attaches to the corner of the frames with magnets keeping it secure. With Zenni eyewear, you're pretty much getting 2 pairs of glasses in 1!

2020 U.S. Open Tickets from USGA

The 2020 U.S. Open Championship will take place June 15-21, 2020 at the Winged Foot Golf Club in New York. This is the perfect, early gift for next Father's Day – a chance for him to travel and an opportunity to see the world's best golfers play for the US Open Trophy!

Tees frome Hanes

Here is a gift that can be used for sleeping, lounging, working, working out…you name it! It's comfortable, made with US grown cotton and created with odor control technology. Simple but stylish, these Crew Neck Hanes tees from Hanes Black Label is something every dad can and will definitely use. They also come in V-Neck style.

Desk Top Spinner

When working at my desk in my office, sometimes I just need to stop for a minute and empty my mind while I try to re-focus. This Spinning Top from Bruce Charles Design looks elegant on my desk, but is also functional in helping me during these moments where I just need to sit back and think. I'm sure many dads can relate. The top comes in a classic gold-color solid brass; CNC machined for ideal balance allowing it to spin for over 10 minutes. This product is currently sold with FREE Prime shipping on Amazon.

So there you have it! Now that you all have these great ideas, go ahead and plan your Father's Day gifts! If your dad is anything like me, these cool products will not disappoint.

Wishing your dads a wonderful and memorable Father's Day this year!




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