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Remember When We Were At Disney Aulani?

“Remember when we were at Disney Aulani?!” – Juliana Teh

Juliana looking out into the Pacific with her first Ukulele.

It's been almost a year now since my wife and I took our kids on their first trip to Hawaii and they still haven't stopped talking about it! It was such an awesome experience for all of us, and even though the vacation was not cheap, seeing our kids have the time of their lives was priceless!

We stayed at Disney Aulani the first couple of days, which was an amazing resort with so many fun activities for both the kids and us parents. We stayed in a family suite which was great. It had everything we needed including a fully equipped kitchen and very spacious bathrooms. We were able to pick up some things at the store downstairs and make breakfast in the morning so there was no rush to get ready and out the door. For lunch and dinner, we decided to try all the amazing food at the resort. The staff at Disney Aulani were so nice and accommodating and the atmosphere overall was just very pleasant. While at the resort, we were able to go snorkeling, take ukulele lessons and spend the rest of the night with story time around a bon fire – such a relaxing way to end the day!

After our stay there, we went to the Dole Plantation, went to different beaches in Waikiki and the North Shore and had more amazing food! Ever tried Dole Whip? It is amaaaazing! I would go back to Hawaii for that alone. What we thought would be just a regular fun family trip for the kids, has now become a experience that will stay in their memories for a lifetime!

The Teh Family at Disney Aulani

I love the quote, “Travel. Because money returns. Time doesn't”. It's so true! I remember before my wife and I even got married we told ourselves we would travel the world together, along with our kids. After we got married and had children, suddenly the dreams of traveling no longer seemed practical due to our busy schedules and financial situation. All of a sudden there was a fear that limited our life goals and put a hold on any plans of travel. So, we decided to wait… and wait… and wait some more. Just like the quote says, although we were able to save some money, we were not able to get back time we spent waiting.

Our mindset has shifted so much since this trip. Even though we did quite a bit of traveling before we took the family to Hawaii, this experience was probably the one that really opened our eyes to see how important it is to get away from our daily routine and just travel. We may not think about it much, but I truly believe that travel enhances our lives in so many ways. For me personally, it's motivated me to work harder so my family and I can build more memories. It makes me dream bigger, see less limitations and it gives me more joy and purpose that just living day to day. My hope is that when my kids are older, they will remember these times and want to do the same things with their families.

I love looking back at these photos. For some people, it may just be images from a family trip, but for my family and I, they're special moments that we can't put a price tag on. Life is short, the world is huge and our kids are only kids for a moment. I'm so excited for our next family trip, where ever that may be. Until then hope you guys enjoy these photos and feel free to share your family vacation experiences with us. ALOHA!

Check out these night shots of Waikiki I got from our hotel balconay

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