Long Story Short: #DadThoughts by TheItDad

Nothing I've ever experienced in my life has changed me more than fatherhood has. I knew becoming a dad would come with a lot of responsibilities, patience and hard work, but I never expected it to be so much fun! As I watch my children grow up, I can't help but notice all the amazing and crazy things they say and do.

I never want to forget the feelings I felt and the thoughts I had during these valuable “dad moments”. Some funny, some sad, others a bit uncomfortable, but all equally special. So, I've decided to collect them. #DadThoughts – by TheItDad. Here are just a few.

Dad Thoughts #1 - Making memories
Dad Thoughts #1 – Making memories
Dad Thoughts #2 - They grow up so fast!
Dad Thoughts #2 – They grow up so fast!
Dad Thoughts #3 - Checkers is easier
Dad Thoughts #4 – Checkers mate!

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