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The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Kicks It In Theaters Friday 9/22

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The LEGO NINJAGO Movie was so awesome! And this Friday, September 22, you can finally go check it out. I recently attended the pre-screening of this movie and I enjoyed every minute of it. Full of action and comedey, with a mix of Lego drama and life lessons – it's the perfect movie to watch with the whole family! Here is one of the trailers just to tease you:

The LEGO NINJAGO Movie has such a cool story line. Lloyd, the Green Ninja, leads the pack of his fellow secret ninjas to take on the evil Garmadon, who is trying to take over the City of Ninjago. Oh yea, he's also Lloyd's dad. That part will make more sense once you see the movie. Anyways, this group of ninjas, with the help of Master Wu; a skillful, wise and goofy martial arts master, go through a series of events and scenarios that eventually lead to their sweet, sweet victory. It's a great film on teaching us the value of family, friendships, teamwork and hard work. Both kids and adults can get something out of this movie.

Warner Bros. Pictures picked an amazing cast for the characters in this film. The voices and the uniqur personalities that played them made the lines and scenes so much funnier and more engaging. Check out the cast below. I'm sure you'll recognize some of these names!

We also had the opportunity to be part of the press conference where the entire cast was present for Q&A. It was such a great experience being able to see, meet and even take photos with some of them. It's so cool how the real personalities of the actors carried over into their NINJAGO characters.

Don't miss out on this memorable movie. It's guaranteed to make all of you laugh and maybe cry a little, but you'll definitely have a lots of fun! So follow the link for advanced ticket purchasing and KICK it with your fellow ninjas:

Let me know which ninja is your favorite!

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