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I’m Tired of Doing Homework

Is it just me or do other moms and dads get excited when the kids say, “No homework today!” I don’t usually like to admit that because I thought it made me sound like an irresponsible parent, but I can guarantee there are many of you that feel the same way. Why? Because no homework for them, means no homework for us!

I'm a firm believer in the value of academics. I agree that knowledge is power and that a good education is something no one can take away from another person. But, I also believe in balance. Just like parents don’t like to bring work home, kids probably feel the same way. I mean, they spend 7 to 8 hours a day at school, if they still had more work to do, they should just keep them longer right? I'm kidding, of course!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the importance of having students solve problems on their own and to put into practice what they learned in school without the teacher’s help, I’m all for that. All I’m saying is, maybe the amount of homework they're being given needs to be reevaluated.

We often hear that many parents don’t spend enough time with the kids at home and even when they’re physically present, they’re still mentally at work. Have we ever stopped and considered that this may be the same situation happening with our kids?

Again, I think a moderate amount of work outside of school is good, but it should not get to a point where our kids get so mentality drained that learning becomes a burden. Maybe this is why they hate school so much. Kids need some time to rest and to also enjoy activities outside of academics. They need time to absorb all the things they learned during the day instead of stuffing their brains with so much more information that everything else their brains have absorbed just leaves them again. They need to have quality time with their family and friends because that is important in developing their social skills.

Also, I don’t want to do anymore homework!

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