The End of Something Great. The Beginning of Something Greater.

So as 2016 comes to an end, I must say it's been a great year in many ways. We've seen positive things happen with our family, our health and business endeavours. Sure there were problems and issues that came up, but God has continued to show us that they were all temporary and the key is to always push forward.

The one important thing I learned this year is that all good things come to an end, not because they failed or we did something wrong, but because we need to make room for something bigger.

This past Christmas we spent the day on the beach in California. It felt nice walking on the pier seeing all the people taking photos, eating, watching the water from each side. That pier eventually reached an end, but beyond that was the huge, beautiful ocean. Obviously, you could not see the end of it, only where the water meets the sky. It reminded me that although we reach the end of an exciting journey in our life, there is always something bigger and greater waiting for us. The end result may not always be visible, but it's there. We just have to believe it. When you reach the end of your “pier”, it doesn't mean it's over. You haven't reach the end, you've finally made it to the beginning of something new. So for 2017, let's all focus on the greater things to come. While we all enjoyed the walk on the pier, the sunset that followed was incomparable! Don't always turn back to dwell on what was once great in your life, you might miss out on greater things to come.

I hope everyone had a joyful Christmas and that your New Year will be filled with joy, peace, abundance, good health and love! Happy 2017 from our family to yours!

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