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I think alot. And as a family man, most of my thoughts are about being a dad, marriage and life in general. I've decided to share my random #Dadthoughts on weekly basis because I'm sure many other dads and husbands can relate. This week's topic – Parenting.

1. How come kids never listen when we give them instructions, but they always seem to listen in on our adult conversations?

2. My daughter has 4-5 different favorite restaurants and orders Mac ‘N' Cheese at all of them.

3. It's ironic that the phrase “I'm not gonna tell you this again!” Is said OVER and OVER again at my house.

4. If you're going to re-gift an item, make sure you're kids haven't seen it in the house. They will announce it!

5. When you have a family of six, ordering at the drive-thru is like taking a test you barely studied for. You panic and forget everything!

6. When I'm with my kids I feel like I have everything – because they keep asking me for everything!

7. If you ask your child if they can count to 100, you better have some to time to spare…they will do it.

8. It seems like the only times my kids want to have a conversation with me is when I'm sitting on the toilet.

9. Ever hide behind a door to scare your kids, but they take so long you just give up and go back to what you were doing?

10. The best games are the ones my 6 year old makes up. Makes NO sense, they make up rules as you play, but they're so much fun!

Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair Day

Comment below with your random #DAdthoughts and stay tuned for next week's topic…Marriage!

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