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A Dad’s Guide To Organizing Life, Starting With The Garage

I'm the type of guy that has a hard time focusing when my environment is unorganized. When I set up my tasks, I like to have everything in place or else I will keep stopping to fix things. Is anyone else out there like this? You spend so much time making sure everything is in the right place and before you know it, the day is over and you've barely got anything done?

Being a dad trying to juggle family, projects and all the other responsibilities going on in my life seemed nearly impossibleat one point. I always want to make sure I have time play with the kids, work on stuff in the garage, manage my photography business and my blog, but it just seems like there is never enough time in the day. However, I am glad to say that has changed!

Gladiator Before Shelf

My wife and I recently got to interview someone that I'm sure all of you out there know. He is a hard working man who is also a husband and father of 3. With his very busy career, he is still able to balance his job and family, and he gave us some tips on how we can do the same. Who is he? No other than, Mr. Al Roker! It was such a pleasure meeting and interviewing such a sincere and down to earth media personality. Also, the fact that he knows quite a bit on this work-life balance situation and how it affects life, really encouraged me make some changes for the better. Check out our interview with him –

Can you relate? It's so true that having a more streamlined organization system at home can save us so much time and energy. I used to hate going into the garage even though I have so many things in there I can do; My work out and photography equipment is in there, there's a fridge, the kids sports equipment, tools, etc. The problem was, all the other clutter I didn't need was also in there and it was so distracting. As soon as I would step into the garage to work on a project, try to work out or set up my photography, I would end up putting boxes away instead. I never could accomplish what I set out to do in there! Now I have my Gladiator GarageWorks storage system and it's given me so much motivation and energy to do more.

Gladiator 2

The ‘It' Mom and I also had a chance to walk around Mr. Roker's garage to see how he strategically placed all his hobbies and activities to create a better flow. With hobbies, chores and other duties, it makes such a huge difference when you know where everything is located. Check out this video –

I'm not going to lie, after this interview I came home and started working on my garage! I put all my photography equipment in one Gladiator cabinet and I still had more room to store things like foldable chairs, moving products, light stands and other items. I really liked all the details with these storage units. The very durable steel shelving unit was able to hold our all bins, the cabinets came with wheels so it's easy to roll around in the garage. One of the smaller cabinets we got came with drawers that easily slides out to make it easier to put items in and to take them out, so I store my tools in there. Another cabinet we got was designed to be placed on a track so it is hanging on the wall. This was good for saving space.

Gladiator Metal Shelves

Gladiator 5

Gladiator 3

Check our Gladiator Garage Works and see what unit will help you get organized in your garage and your life. I can honestly say this has helped my become more productive and it's given me more time to spend on more important tasks.

Gladiator 4

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Gladiator GarageWorks. All opinions are my own.

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