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Click Star Wars Collection by CROSS Pens

Click Star Wars Pen Collection by CROSS

Men's style goes beyond just the threads, shoes and hairstyles. While all those give us the right look, there are other items that can add that little bit of extra swag and sophistication to our image. I love having modern and sleek looking gadgets and accessories. Whenever I see a creatively designed item like a tool or journal, I always have to have it! We may think the things we use on a daily basis don't play a role in our image and creativity, but it does. It gives me inspiration to approach everything I do with a sense of confidence and purpose.

Cross Star Wars Pens

CROSS Pens recently released a new Star Wars collection in honor of the original Star Wars film trilogy. As a dad and style blogger, I couldn't have been more excited! When I look at a pen, I immediately analyze it's design and how it will fit in with my accessories. This Star Wars collection definitely has a cool look. These themed pens feature three major characters in three different designs along with an emblem of each one; Darth Vader, C-3PO, and the Stormtroopers. And, each pen is presented in it's own creatively designed box.

The Click Star Wars Collection allow for effortless writing with it's smooth gel-ink technology. When I write with these, I get such a flawless flow in my penmanship. The outer shell is coated with highly polished lacquer, giving it a glossy elegant look. The specific colors have been inspired by the images of Darth Vader, C-3PO, and the Stormtroopers and have been designed with their names horizontally on the sides of the pens.

This Christmas, give the gift of Star Wars. Give the gift of style. Visit CROSS Pens to get yours and to purchase a gift for the many Star Wars fans in your life.

This Darth Vader design goes great with my “all black” accessory combination. Now all I need is a black cape!
Darth x Accessories

I received the products above for free from CROSS Pens. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

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