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                                                           “The Box of Awesome” – Bespoke PostSunglass BoxBespoke Post brings you the coolest gadgets, accessories and gear that will make you become that “awesome” guy. The dude that seems to look like he's got it all together and knows how to take care of business. Want to be that guy but don't know how? Let Bespoke Post take care of you!Sunglass Box 3 Each month, Bespoke Post will assemble a collection of gadgets for you – from style, to tools, to items you didn't even know existed that will add more sophistication and cool-ness to your daily routine. They've got all types of goods that you can utilize for business or for pleasure.
Beach Sunglasses 2TheItDad Shades I got my first box, “SHINE”, from Bespoke Post, just in time for the summer. In it, was a super slick pair of sunglasses by Dharma Eyewear Co. They not only look stylish and sleek, they felt amazing when I put them on. “Shatter-proof, anti-scratch, UV-resistant lenses with high-grade construction”, perfect for the beach! What I loved about this style was that they go with any type of outfit, and for all types of adventures.
Line of TradeSunglass Box 2Along with the sunglasses were the creative leather case by Line of Trade , and a very well designed microfiber polish cloth from Declan. All these were crafted together to create a well thought-out “Box of Awesome”.TheItDad 2 So if you want to get in on the latest trends in gear, men's accessories and more, be sure to check out and subscribe to Bespoke Post. For 25% off your purchase, use code: JOIN25 – you're welcome!

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    Anesha Sylvia
    July 30, 2015 at 6:31 AM

    I love this post. And, I think every guy should have some of the staple items you listed here.

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