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Today is a very special day in our galaxy. I am excited to announce the official release of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in Digital HD and Blu-ray! I’ve got my copy and I may have an extra to give away.


Where are all the Guardians of the Galaxy fans at? If you’re one of them, you know that much of the movie was inspired by the music. A mixtape made by the late mother of Peter Quill can be heard throughout the movie and oh how it fits the storyline so well! It was almost as if the songs shaped his path. I feel like this is the same for many of us. So, in celebration of this new release, I have decided to also share a mixtape of some of my favorite songs that had a significance in my life from childhood up to my adult years.


Being born in the 80's meant Michael Jackson was part of your life, you couldn't avoid that. So at number one, Smooth Criminal. I had no clue what the song was talking about, but the video and MJ's smoothness spoke for itself. This song made me a dancer and developed a character in me that wanted to be as cool the Smooth Criminal.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow is one of the first songs I heard when I came to the United States from the Philippines. I had just entered the 2nd grade and the class I was placed in was practicing a play for The Wizard of Oz. Having moved across the world to a culture that was scary to me, the song provided some peace. And, when I heard this version by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, I started to like it even more.

Rebirth of Slick by Digable Planets!. There was something about the feel, the beat and the lyrics of this song that made me want to learn how to rap. While most rap songs at the time promoted a more aggressive, upbeat attitude, this song fit my calm personality. I listen to this song regularly to this day.

I was a very introverted and shy kid. Only until I started to breakdance was I able to not be such a basket case. KRS One's Step Into The World was somewhat metaphorical for me. I was scared of attention, but when I danced it was like stepping into a whole new world. For the moment at least!

Linkin Park's famous, In The End was the best of both worlds for me. A hint of rock with a touch of HipHop. Lyrically for me, it was a great reminded that everything we go through in life will pass. The worries, problems and the things we consider a big deal, one day won't really matter. I know it's not the message of the song, but that's how I took it and how it was meaningful to me.

The first time I heard of the group Vertical Horizon was in a friend's car. The song that stood out the most in their album was title Every You Want. I took this one a spiritual message as it talks about how people sometimes look for pleasure and happiness in all the wrong places, all while the answer is right in front of them. I was certainly in that phase of my life at the time and it gave me clarity.

The song Drive, by Incubus was a hit. At the time I only appreciated it as a good song but as I grew up and listened to the lyrics a bit more, it had so much meaning. Taking on life with the fear of the unknown. It asked if we are willing to keep going or let the fear paralyze us. Very motivating.

Hillsong United in world-known Christian band that composed Touch The Sky. This has been another very spiritual changing song, reminding me that there is a higher power, God, that I can surrender to and find peace in. So helpful in times of challenges and problems as an adult.

This next one goes out to the love of my life. Because of You by Keith Martin. Word for word it describes how this woman has changed my life for the better.

Last but not least, My Way by Frank Sinatra. I heard this song many times as a child because it was my dad's favorite song. I always thought it was an awesome song, but ever since my dad's passing 2 years ago, it has become more meaningful to me. Plus, it's still an awesome song.

So there you have it! What does the soundtrack of your life sound like? Is it anything like Peter Quill's?

I have more to to share with you guys! To help you celebrate the release of the movie on HD and Blu-ray with us, I'm doing a give away! Follow the directions below for a chance to get these awesome Guardians of the Galaxy products – Groot Plush, Soundtrack CD, a puzzle and more!

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Disney. All opinions are my own.

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